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Misogyny – A Beginners Guide




So you want to be a Misogynist? Congratulations!

By buying this book, you have officially taken your first step towards reclaiming man’s rightful seat on the throne of sexual domination. For too long now, the waters of planetary ‘co-ed’ civilization have been ‘filthified’…..but do not despair my brothers….for it is time to clean the pond! So Gentlemen, dust off those Tweed leather patched jackets and corn pipes, as I, Chester Misanthrope III delve into the our beautiful past, in the hopes of rekindling ideas such as ‘Prima Nocta’ and live stake burnings.

Successfully, left wing extremist types, bandying the notion of equality between Man and Woman, have left Men with only a sense of self-doubt, rather than sense of self. I for one, have had my fill of the ‘Germain Greere’s and Virginia Wolfe’s, and propose to take arms; teaching these ‘suffragettes’ the definition of suffering under the weight of dirty linen and birth-farms….. 

Word History

The word Misogyny, derived from Greek:

miso-  + gunē – woman

Modern translation – Hatred of Women

As it is clear from the words root origins, the term suggests that women (Miso) are indeed missing a Gene (Gune’); Perhaps explaining some of their more peculiar habits such as bathing, afternoon talk shows and hair appointments.

But how does one undertake the ‘usurping’ of such a little known and feared opponent? Particularly one that has the potential to become retard strong?

Being men of battle, we understand that blood is associated with pain and suffering – yet these creatures endure this monthly, delivering us (the innocent) the pain instead. That is why we must undertake further learning’s of these single celled enemies, to understand them, delivering them to their god given role of kitchen stewards, fetal capsules and seamstress’s.

 As Sun Tzu sates in ‘The Art of War’:

Disciplined and calm, to await the appearance of disorder and hubbub amongst the enemy:–this is the art of retaining self-possession.

 And so gentleman, we must prepare to attack the greatest scourge mankind has ever been required to face since the Predator – Women. Ready yourselves, as I will teach you to both physically and metaphorically push womankind back down the 2100 flights of stairs….that is….. ‘Man’s’ evolution.


This weeks exercise: Have a few drinks, lash out verbally at girlfriend / wife / grandma pointing out their inadequacies.

Extra Credit: Punch a stranger in the breast whilst yelling ‘you’re too dumb to vote anyway’